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Calling out to metal bands!

2009-09-08 21:54:26 by bonecollecta

Hey, Dans back again.

I've got some new movies coming... pro actors, festival release... and I need some fitting tracks.
I need a metal band who'll be willing to compose a song for me (I can't pay.. sorry). I'm in the process of trying to write some lyrics... I need some kickass guitars, and a throaty growl to sing over them.
Think... Linkin Park mixed with MentalIssues... thats the sound I'm looking for. The film will be released to Australian film festivals, and later will be on various video sites all over the net. If your interested, drop a comment or send me a PM.


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2010-02-19 13:49:50

Good luck with this. Although it will be hard to find anyone here in a news post. I would go into the audio forum and make it known you are looking for someone. That should get you a much better chance of finding the artists you need. Can't guarantee that there will be quality applicants, but you have a better chance there for sure.

Also I can't let this slip by, Linkin Park is about as metal as Korn is. In a nutshell, they aren't. :-P

Mmmmm....METAL!!! 1G6lk

Best of luck finding your artists budday. ;-)