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A Few Things (Song Hunt, and a call out to composers!)

2009-02-09 21:16:01 by bonecollecta

Hey people.

So I wrote a new script, and I need to find music for it. I was looking for classical music, but I can't find exactly what I need.
Maybe you can help. Let me paint a picture for you, and you imagine the music that would play.
A Sniper crouches on a cliff, and scans the road below. A patrol appears in the distance, and the sniper gets into position.The sniper pulls the bolt back on his rifle, and slams a bullet into the chamber. looking down the scope, he watches as the group get closer. SUSPENSE SUSPENSE SUSPENCE!!! For what seems like an eternity, they finally get within range. The sniper fixes his sights on a target, and hovers his finger over the trigger.... the unsuspecting person laughes and jokes with the rest of the patrol.
Bodies start to fall, bullets in all directions... bodies drop, others dive for cover, firing weapons in every direction....
Chaos has unleashed.

Now... wheres a song that would fit a scene like that?

Also... I'm thinking about holding a mini competition for a short film I'm shooting later this year. I have a poem, that I wish to be turned into a nice slow song... but I neither posess the skills to sing, or compose music. So, if I was to supply lyrics... I would hold a competition for someone to turn that into a song I can use in my film.
The prize would be well worth the time.
But... I'm unsure if I should hold this comp, or if I am allowed to on Newgrounds.
Your thoughts?


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