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2009-02-01 20:36:21 by bonecollecta

In the last year and a half I've been visiting this website (Without logging in, which is kinda sneaky, rude and cruel of me) I've listened to some of the most touching music ever played to me. I've only recently started to include these tracks in my own creations (that being, movies and trailers). I've known that doing this could have either positive or negative effects on my popularity amongst those whose music I've used. Although the music is created and released under a free-use agreement, It still should be said that the artists should be informed that you are using their creations. Those of you whose music I've borrowed, I thank you for not making a big deal out of it. I promise, if I ever make it further into my movie-making (If I start going commercial, or selling DVD copies/Indie style with my films), I will donate a sufficient amount to the artist(s) responsible for the music.
Before I go completely off-topic... I should mention those whose music has captivated me most.
Bosa, some of the best classical stuff I've heard (Your Prelude) and also some pretty decent techno...
MilkManDan, who I understand no longer creates music for this site... your song "Time" still touches me to this day. If I can ever find a way to contact you, I'd like to discuss use of that track in a future project.
ThatComposerGuy, who is by far my favourite artist... his classical pieces have brought me to tears, had me thinking of the past, understanding the future... he is simply to talented for words.
And all the others I couldn't find words to express my gratitude. PragonX9, EON, WaterFlame (who's track "ShowDown" was featured in one of my cancelled films "Car Lovers Revenge"), MrMilkCarton (you dominate my newgrounds downloads list... your techno tracks are amazing) and others...
I will try and contact those whose tracks I wish to use in my future projects... If I don't contact you, understand that you will be credited in full, and that I did not fail to contact you ON PURPOSE.
Thanks for taking the time to read this;
Daniel Rutter.


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2009-02-01 20:37:43

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bonecollecta responds:

Great story... but kinda immature.
Do you have a point to make?


2009-02-04 19:40:53

I saw your madness cartoon and i have a couple things to say.

1. Ignore other people. You can do a flash on anything you want. You don't have to stop just because one guy gets pissed. If you want to do a madness cartoon, do it.

2. The madness cartoon was great and i liked it a lot but it had unfinished work. A lot of people on Newgrounds hate unfinished work. To avoid the crappy comments, Finish something then post it. If your feeling lazy, do a short.

3. This is a honest comment. Not a demented story about a guy, a rake, and his butt

4 I am looking forward to your future work...... so get working :B

Thats all I have to say.