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Daniel Rutter Films (Me)

2009-01-29 22:26:23 by bonecollecta

Daniel Rutter Films -Youtube-

Yes, I am a movie maker. Which won't say much for this site, as you guys only host flash bits and audio tracks.
If you take a glance at a few of my movies, you will notice I credit artists here for their tracks alot. Greeksta-69, being one of them for my most recent collab-project with my sister (Postal Assassin) for his track Ethnic Banger. I love the tracks I find on here, and I'm very proud to feature them in my movies. I love the fact that they are free to use, and I can find some very high quality tracks.
I'm always looking for something to go into a fight sequence/shootout sequence, so if you guys want to submit anything... I will gladly use it!
In the future, I will be submitting my work to studios/film festivals, and if I win anything... I'll get into contact with those people behind the tracks... and try and rewards them for their efforts.
Thanks newgrounds, I salute you all for the great stuff you host!


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